Thursday, September 8, 2011

Travis & Tobi Forever {2nd shooting for Alison Watt Photography}

Sunday, September 4th. Travis and Tobi exchanged vows on the beach at Lakeside park. The wedding was sweet. They drew a crowd of onlookers. Etched in the rings read "T n T forever".
This wedding in particular, will go down as my favorite to photograph for the summer. Why you may wonder? Let me first state, that all of the weddings this summer have been fabulous. All a total pleasure to be apart of. As a second shooter, I am assigned to meet the groom and his groomsmen at the start of the day. Usually starting with getting ready shots, and then capturing some more put together frames before the mad dash to get loose ends tied up and off to the wedding venue. The day I showed up to meet Travis was different than the norm. He had a plan...and I loved it! Travis and his friends are avid mountain bikers. They know the back country Nelson better than anyone. So he wanted to head up the mountain (despite the crunch for time) to "Bedframe" trail. To say that I was stoked would be an understatement! Undeniably the most breathtaking view in all of Nelson, and I loved the guys willingness & enthusiasm. I even have to give props to the guys for collaborating the ring shot on the quartz!
Another reason I loved this day so much was that Travis and Tobi really thought about how they wanted their day to unfold. They decided they would meet up at the park (Tobi hiding behind a tree for Travis to find her) before the ceremony and the pictures of the wedding party were done before. The day unfolded beautifully, and you could see all nerves dissipate as soon as Tobi and Travis were together. Hand in hand. Giddy & beaming.
It was a beautiful day. Thanks for having me along for the ride.

I have loved working with Alison Watt this summer. To see more of her work, and inquire about booking 2012 weddings, please follow the link.

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