Saturday, November 5, 2011

...and baby makes five!

I've got some wonderful friends in my life. There is really nothing sweeter than having friends that share your passion for photography!
My friend Jackie (Chicken Little Photography) had baby Harper 10 days ago. We have long been awaiting baby Harper....excited for this shoot.
Tammy (Tammy Kanigan Photography) is such talent with newborn photography. Really...I don't call her "the baby whisperer" for nothing!
So today was a special day. The three of us got together for Harper's newborn session. It was like she was a movie star at her first premiere. Really...the sound of 3 camera's clicking away. Music to my ears!
Harper is such a sweet babe....making 3 cute, beautiful children for Jackie and Jake.
Congrats to you are a beautiful family of five!
xo ~Lis.

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