Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Michelle & Joe {Married}

The sun shined bright on Michelle and Joe's beautiful day. You could feel the love around them. Michelle had put amazing details into the day. I loved the boutonniere she made! Each a bit different with old vintage brass buttons. Joe's socks and laces were amazing...along with her mint heels! So much fun...I love the details. Such a fun, easy going wedding party. Congrats to you both...I'm so happy for you! I enjoyed being part of your day. A big thank you to a very busy Jackie who joined me shooting! xo Lisa.


  1. These are amazing photos of a beautiful couple on their simply fantastic wedding day. makin' me tear up..happy tears:)

  2. Love all of them!!! Such a Fantastic day!!!! You were amazing! and you captured all the fun and love that surrounded these two!!!

  3. Awesome pics. Very well done. Had a great time. Congratulations.