Monday, July 27, 2015

Rainy day...not gonna get us down! {family}

I gotta say, when we booked this family shoot for mid afternoon at Kokanee Provincial Park my mind was on best location for a busy Saturday in full sun. Little did I think the temperature would drop, and we would have a wet weekend. I had checked the weather forecast, and given the percentage of rain still wasn't too worried. Driving out to the park I was feeling optimistic, and then it started to pour. Downpour. Because some family were in town visiting, this wasn't an easy shoot to reschedule and this was our second attempt as we were rained out in the Spring. So we waited...hoped it would let up a bit..and we had a small window to make it work. Optimism, and wonderful people make a shoot in any weather work! Thanks for being good sports. ~Lisa.

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