Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Alex and Nadia {Engagement Session}

It was a blustery afternoon when I headed out the door to meet Alex and Nadia for their engagement session. Wind and lip gloss are never a good combination I thought. After a few texts with Nadia we agreed that it was worth going ahead. The wind did eventually simmer down, and we were able to get some beautiful autumn shots. The autumn Kootenay light is so pretty. It's always nice incorporating the furry family members into a session as well. Looking forward to shooting their wedding next September.


  1. looks like the dogs are the real photo hounds. VERY, VERRY NICE PICS!!!! ...... Mama and Tato XOXOXO

    1. The dogs are perfect in that shot aren't they? This was after much running around and getting them tuckered out.