Thursday, August 25, 2011

family. lavender. love

I love the island. When I go back for visits I'm transported back to my childhood. The smell....that fresh rain smell mixed with the salt from the sea, I swear, that only the island smells like.
My sister Heather {and family} live in the Cowichan Valley, and we were so excited to go back "home" to visit them. We toured a local lavender farm and took in many sunsets. Here are some pictures of Heather's family....and extras of my niece Anika {5 years old}. Always willing to strike a pose...


  1. Lisa these are absolutely stunning!!! What a gorgeous family your sister has :)

  2. AHHHH, stop it! So great. She is going to LOVE Aunty when she gets older for taking all these amazing pics of her <3

  3. Amazing photos!! You are VERY TALENTED!!!