Monday, August 15, 2011

Kimberley BC~ Road Trip with Isobel~

This was the first official visit to where my parents now call home (we moved them at the beginning of the month, but I won't count that). Mom has accepted a new full time position as the minister for Kimberley United Church. We were sad to see them move from Nelson, but trying to keep upbeat about it. Who doesn't love a road trip?! So Isobel and I jumped in the car and made the 3 1/2 hour trip. Beautiful weather, tunes pumped. Me and my girl.
Kimberley is a cute little town nestled just outside of Cranbrook. It is small. We are talking, one stop light in all of town. Everyone is friendly. Cute Bavarian flair....dare I say a bit Kitschy. We loved strolling around the Platzl. We definitely felt like we were on vacation mode. Isobel loved the fountains in the Platzl. I enjoyed snapping flowers at Cominco Gardens. Had a great lunch at the charming Nina's Hillside Cafe. I just love a good road trip! Even better, one of my friends from hair school lives in Kimberley, so am excited to be seeing her and her family more often too!
Here are some images of our adventure......Happy Summer Vacation!

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